Gem Muzones

Gem is Spiralytics' adopted nomad and Content Marketing Manager. Before she dove into content marketing, she was a news writer who walked alongside protesters in the streets of Manila and a magazine editor who got free passes to product launches and the hippest events. She's a big Game of Thrones fangirl, 1/2 of a budget travel blogging duo behind Travels with a Hobo, and suffers from chronic hair dissatisfaction (she changes her hair color every month). Connect with her in Twitter for writing, blogging, and content marketing news and tips @GemMuzones

Recent Posts

January 12, 2014
What to Blog When You Have Nothing to Blog About
  When we decided to take on the 30-Day Blogging Challenge, we knew what we...
December 26, 2013
Company Culture Lessons from Our First Christmas Party
Company parties are usually wild and loud. But with barely a dozen people in the...

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