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3 Statistics that Prove Why Every Business Should Have a Blog


Blogging is not just a thing for fashionistas, DIY junkies, makeup experts, hipsters, and twenty-somethings who have too many feelings. If you have a business and a website (don’t have a website yet? what’s wrong with you?), you should also set up a blog.

You might be saying, “We already have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, a blog is too much work!” But here are 3 important reasons why you should give blogging a chance.

77% of Internet users read blogs

Of the 7 billion people in the world, more than 2 billion are Internet users. That means a whopping 1.5 billion people in the world read blogs. Just imagine how many more potential costumers you can reach out to by just blogging.

Before the birth of the Internet, people depended on family, friends, sales people, or print media when they want to learn more about something. The Internet has made it easier for us to look up information with just a single tap and few typing on our gadgets. A simple Google search can turn a noob into a know-it-all in no time — just by reading Internet articles and blogs.

Company Blogging Tip: Having a blog doesn’t necessarily mean that people will read your posts. Readers also filter what they want to read based on how interesting the topic is to them and how it’s written. Here are some of our tips on how to write about a boring topic without boring your readers to death and how you can encourage your users to read your blog.

Small businesses that run blogs increase their leads number by 126%

So you already have a website for your business, good for you. But is that enough to let people know about your business? Sorry, it’s not. Having a company blog (with regular posts) will increase your chances of getting more visible in search engine results.

A basic business website will include the keywords that people use to search for companies like you in search engines. And the more you have such keywords in your website through blog posts in separate web pages, the more entry points you’ll gain for search engines to find you and bring Internet users to your company site.

google search keywords

Company Blogging Tip: Your goal should be to create useful and meaningful blog posts that are worth sharing in social media like Facebook and Twitter. If your reader feels that your posts are interesting, they will click on that Share and Tweet buttons and will do the marketing for you and build your audience.

81% of US consumers trust advice and information on blogs

Unlike a complete volume of printed encyclopedia, the Internet never runs out of articles and blogs that users can read. Every day, hundreds of thousands of write ups are published online that an average span of human life is not enough to read everything.

Though articles published in official news websites have more points in the credibility department, more Internet users are attracted to reading blogs because of the human touch that it has. What makes a great blog a good read is the personality injected to it by the author. Internet users trust advice and information that they read in blogs because they feel like they’re talking to a real person.

Take a hotel review write up for example. If you’re interested in booking a room in X hotel, which would you trust more?

A) A news write up (that’s probably a paid advertisement in article form); or

B) A review by a blogger where they tell you about their personal experience during their stay complete with pictures of the actual room.

Company Blogging Tip: Feature testimonials by customers on your product or service in your company blog. Earn your reader’s trust by showing them that other people trust your company.

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